Radiofrequency treatments

The aging process of the skin occurs primarily due to collagen deficiency, the important connective tissue component that maintains elasticity and hydration of the skin. With aging, collagen synthesis decreases, so the skin loses its firmness and wrinkles begin to appear.

Radiofrequency treatments have a proven effect of intensifying collagen and elastin synthesis with subsequent skin regeneration. The method heats the deep skin layers to a temperature of 60-65 ° Celsius, therefore contracting subcutaneous tissue, disorganizing aging collagen fibers and stimulating new fiber synthesis. The process initiated during the treatment session continues for several months, so the skin’s appearance will be constantly improving for a long time.

Radiofrequency is a spectacular and last generation treatment for cellulite and localized fat deposits, realizing a true non-surgical body remodeling.
Cellulite affected areas have the distinctive “orange peel” look. The condition affects about 80% of Caucasian women over 20 years of age, regardless of their weight, and is currently one of the greatest aesthetic problems of modern women. It is caused by subcutaneous deposits of non-uniformly distributed fat, with loss of skin elasticity and tone. It is located especially at on the hips, thighs and buttocks, but can also show on the arms, abdomen, knees or calves.

By combining the precise subcutaneous tissue warming produced by radiofrequency with mechanical massage, an increase in cellular metabolism, significant lipolysis and improved lymph drainage is achieved, the final result consisting in the progressive smoothing of the skin’s surface with visible cellulite reduction and in the decrease of the treated areas circumference with obvious body remodeling. The procedure is totally non-invasive, pleasant and relaxing for the patient and lasts for about 20 minutes per area. For optimal and lasting results, it is advisable to have a minimum of 4 sessions for the face and 8 sessions for the body at 10-14 days, which can be repeated after a break of at least two months after its conclusion.

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