Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation or Breast Enlargement – is a surgery that alters the size or shape of breasts with the help of silicone or saline implants. There are several reasons that can cause a patient to want a breast enlargement:
– purely aesthetic purpose;
– for correcting a visible asymmetry between the two breasts;
– for the correction of breasts ptosis;
– for the reconstruction of one or both breasts after other operations

Do you need this procedure?

If you are healthy and have realistic expectations about the results of mammary augmentation, you are the ideal candidate for this intervention. Although breast enlargement will improve their size and shape, it is important to understand the limits of the procedure. Both the technical details and any possible problems will be discussed with you during the first consultation in our clinic.

First consultation

Before surgery, you will benefit from a consultation and an initial evaluation with our physicians to determine if breast augmentation is appropriate for you and to explain the details of the procedure.
We will discuss what you can expect from this surgery and we’ll review all the options for breast augmentation. We will decide together which type of implant we will use, as well as its position, shape, texture and size. You will be given a detailed explanation of the procedure, steps to be followed before and after surgery, potential risks and complications, costs and payment methods. We will answer all your questions. We’ll ask for medical history, information on cigarette and alcohol consumption and a list of all the medicines you use, including the over the counter ones. In addition, we’ll have you perform a mammogram or mammary ultrasound before surgery to certify the absence of any other medical problems. If necessary, our doctors will recommend a suitable medical imaging center.

Surgical procedure

Surgery will take place in one of the ultramodern private clinics where our doctors work. The operation requires general anesthesia and takes less than two hours. Usually the patient stays in the clinic for one night, but there is also the possibility to go home at the evening of the intervention. The implants are inserted through small breast incisions. The final position of the incision is determined by the individual anatomy of the patient, but Dr. Sinescu will choose the variant that ensures the best aesthetic appearance of the resulting scar. Once the incision is made, the doctor picks up the glandular tissue and skin to create a pocket where the implant will be inserted. This pocket will be located either under the mammary gland or behind the chest muscles. After implant placement, the incision is sewn. During healing you’ll have to wear a medical bustier to maintain optimal breast position.

What to expect after surgery:

Activity – Moment
Shower – The day after surgery
Resuming work – A few days
Driving – About a week
Physical contact with the breasts – 3-4 weeks
Intense physical activity – 3-4 weeks
Fading of the scars – A few months – 1 year

Risks and complications of surgery

Any surgery has a degree of risk, and breast surgery is no exception. During the first consultation, Dr. Sinescu will evaluate your individual risk level, all potential problems will be discussed and we will establish together if you have a strong indication for breast augmentation. Strict adherence to all pre- and postoperative medical recommendations is crucial to reducing any danger. We will always be at your side to achieve a satisfactory and safe end result.

How long do the results last?

The results of mammary augmentation are permanent. However, as part of the normal aging process, the breasts can sag to some extent and the skin can wrinkle. Most patients will require an implant adjustment at some point, to maintain their youthful appearance. Also, there are rare immediate or long-term complications that might dictate their change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other procedures can be associated with augmentation to improve breast shape and size?
If your breasts are saggy due to pregnancy, weight gain, aging or loss of muscle tone, an associated mastopexy can provide exceptional results.

Is the surgical intervention covered by health insurance?
Mammary augmentation is considered an aesthetic surgery and therefore it is not covered by medical insurance. You are responsible for all the costs. The costs and payment methods will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Are there alternatives to the procedure?
There is no other intervention at this time with the same results. The Brava® system uses suction to create additional glandular tissue over time. Improvements are small and long-term implications and stability have not yet been determined. Lipofilling – fat transfer – is a procedure with satisfactory results in carefully selected patients, but long-term effects are incompletely known for the time being.

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