Jaw Enhancement

Injecting hyaluronic acid injections in the jaw is a fast and non-invasive way of improving facial contours and erasing the jowls. If your mandible line looks uneven, undefined, or the skin is too lax, we recommend that you take this procedure into consideration.

Jaw enhancement may be right for you if the first signs of aging have already appeared. Most patients are women who want a firmer face, but men can also gain masculinity. Treatment can be given to most adults in good health and at or near their ideal weight. As with any aesthetic procedure, it is important for patients to have realistic goals.
The most popular fillers are temporary because the effects are short-term and easily reversed.

The procedure involves the injection of small amounts of hyaluronic acid at different points on the mandibular line. This changes the shape of the face by adding volume under the skin. The process results in a more defined mandible line and an enhanced skin texture with a youthful final appearance. The body gradually absorbs the injected substance and the face returns to its former contour.

The procedure generally lasts 30 minutes, it is comfortable and has a low degree of risk. Although most formulas of hyaluronic acid contain lydocaine, for patients with a low pain threshold we use topical anesthesia. The results are immediately visible, they can last for up to 2 years, there is no recovery period or scarring. Most patients are coming back for additional treatments to maintain the enhanced new look of the face.

After injection, bruising and a small degree of edema may occur, which usually resolve in a few days and are easily covered with makeup. Other possible complications, very rare, are infection or the formation of nodules or granulomas under the skin.

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