Postbariatric Surgery

Significant weight loss is a major personal achievement that often excites compliments from friends impressed by your commitment and strength. Although the praises are always nice, you may still be aware of your body as the excess tegument – originally stretched to the point where it can not be reduced after weight loss – splashes over the waist like a deflated balloon.

Body contouring procedures


Arm lift eliminates the “waving” of overlying tissues and skin on the lower half of the upper arm. The result is a firmer and youthful outline of the arm that will make you wear tightly fitting clothing!

Lower body remodeling

Ascension of the lower part of the body is the intervention indicated in the case of excess fat and tegument on the lower trunk, buttocks and thighs, excess occurring either as a result of aging or after major weight loss. This large excess restricts the movement and irritates the underlying skin. Postoperatively, you will enjoy a more appealing contour of the body as well as increased comfort during physical activity – not to mention how you look dressed in the clothes you worked so hard to get in! Although it is often performed as an independent procedure, it can be associated with abdominoplasty.

Thigh lift

The operation involves the removal of excess tissues from the thighs. After liposuction, tensioning of the deep structures is carried out, followed by excision of the extra skin. Both the inner and outer thighs can be remodeled.

The tegumentary excision

This procedure eliminates the excess of lax skin on the arms, legs, trunk or abdomen, which resulted from significant weight loss, aging or pregnancy. It is often performed as a secondary intervention a few years after post-bariatric surgery, as the skin, forced to stretch to accommodate a larger body volume, loses its elasticity and ability to return to its previous dimensions.

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